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HP Fic: The Last Word, Part 3

Yes, already another one.

I know I'm throwing the official timeline off with one of the movies, but I couldn't resist.

The Magic Kingdom

"Harry Potter! You've destroyed You Know Who! What are you going to do, now?" Rita Skeeter asked.

"I'm going to Disneyland!" Harry answered.

And he was, too, even if only two people with him, Luna and Hermione, understood the joke.

Luna had promised him, if they survived the war, that she would show him the true magic of the world, magic they didn't teach at Hogwarts, magic even the muggles saw.

He didn't expect that Disneyland would be the first place she'd want to take him to. He especially didn't expect Hermione to agree with Luna that this was true magic. She and Ron would come along.

First, though, they'd be giving Ron a Disney crash course, so he wouldn't be completely lost. Harry's new girlfriend, as it happened, had a large collection of Disney movies, yet another surprise of hers. There would be a lifetime of surprises from her, Harry knew. He need not worry about ever becoming bored with life after Voldemort while he was with Luna Lovegood.

Harry enjoyed it, as he'd seen a few Disney movies when he lived with the Dursleys, but never this many, and it was never as fun watching them there.

Some he found especially touching. Beauty and the Beast certainly felt personal, as Belle reminded him very much of Luna, and the Beast of himself. He also remembered moments where he'd been very much Gaston, and was thankful he'd grown out of that. He loved Alice in Wonderland, again reminded of Luna. She and Hermione insisted that he and Ron must read the books.

"I thought we were done reading when we left school!" Ron protested, to no avail.

Another Disney film they were told they needed to read the books on which they were based was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Something bothered Harry about this movie. There was something familiar about that android that he couldn't quite place.

As they prepared for their journey to the Magic Kingdom, Ron tried to review all he'd learned.

"OK... What was the name of the villain in The Lion King?"

Harry, Luna, and Hermione all yelled "Scar!"
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