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HP Fic: Wannabe, Chapter 2

Title: Wannabe
Author: Perceval
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Lots
Summary: Continuing where we left off, Hermione tries to reason with Ginny. Fortunately, Luna's there to help.
Disclaimer: C'mon, Jo never lets them have this much fun.

"So," Ginny asked, "What does Harry love and want besides playing Quiddich and to marry me?"

"Marry?" Luna replied. "Aren't you rushing things, a bit?"

"But, he's GOTTA want to marry me! He never had a real family! A perfect family like ours! We'll be just like mum and dad!"

"We've got a perfect family?" Ron asked. "Where have YOU been?"

Luna smiled and said, "In her own special place, with Quiddich matches, sunlit days, an orchestra playing, she and Harry running to each other in slow motion..."

"Um," Hermione said, "I'm not seeing much connection between all that and settling down and having a lot of kids like your parents, Ginny. How much Quiddich did your mum play when raising you?"

"Well, um..." Ginny stumbled as she tried to match dream with reality.

Ron added, "Just be glad the twins weren't here to hear that. Should I tell 'em?"

"NO!" Ginny yelled, frightened. "OK, I'd like to have some fun, and be loved..."

"By an intense, dark haired, boy that seems a bit distant and out of reach?" Luna asked.

"Yeah! Exactly! What are you snickering about, Hermione?"

Hermione covered her mouth. "Oh, nothing..."

"I just want to give Harry what he wants... what he needs... No one else understands him... Well, I guess you guys do..."

"Well, now that we've got that settled..." Hermione began, seeing the opportunity to get out of this potential mess. If she could change the subject...

"You're trying to change the subject," Ron pointed out. "We haven't settled anything."

Damn, Ron picked NOW, of all times, to show his empathy with her. Great bloody timing...

"Yeah! C'mon, Luna!" Ginny prodded. "Tell me what it is Harry wants and loves, so I can give it to him!"

"I don't think you can," Luna told her.

"Try me."

"Very well. You were close to some of it yourself, a while ago, when you mentioned that we understood Harry, too. We love him, and he loves us."

"Yeah, but he doesn't see either of you THAT way."

Ron scoffed. "Oh, come ON. He's a GUY! With raging hormones! Good looking girls that he's intimate with? You're damn right he looks at them that way! We've talked about it!"

Luna continued, "As the song says, you can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need."

Luna was full of song quotes today, Hermione thought. She now thought she understood why Luna pressed this. Ginny would understand that things would never be ideal, that you could never have everything, or even give someone else everything. But, you could still be happy with someone. She watched Ginny pause, thinking things over, and begin to speak.

"Well, that's EASY!"


"We need to commit ourselves to Harry! It'll be great! The three of us will go his room, and wait for him in his bed, naked! It'll be the best present, EVER! Oh, and we'll fool around with each other, too, 'cause guys like that, and..."

"GINNY!" Hermione couldn't believe this. "We... We CAN'T!"

"Don't you love him?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then it's settled!"

OK, Ron decided. He'd heard enough.

"Ginny, Hermione and I have our own thing, if you didn't notice."

Ginny looked shocked.

"Ron... How can you be so SELFISH!"


"After all Harry's done! I thought you were his friend!"

He IS Harry's friend!" Hermione shouted. "He LOVES Harry! Oh, crap..."

Ginny looked at Ron, expectantly.

I am NOT going to do... THAT with Harry!" Ron said, flabbergasted.

Ginny looked shocked, again.

"You would deny Harry what he loves?"

"Look, he's not INTO guys like that!"

Luna said, in her sing song voice, "He certainly seemed pretty obsessed with Draco, last year. And, vice versa."

"Yeah!" Ginny agreed. "And Cedric... He went on and ON about how good looking Cedric was..."

"And Tom Riddle."

"Oh, yeah..." Ginny breathed. "That's something else we have in common. We need Tom."

"WHAT?!!!" Hermione yelled, again.

"Oh, I don't mean old scaly, bald, no nose, Voldemort. I mean... Tom..." Ginny said, dreamily. "We need to go get him back when he was... Maybe even before he killed anybody that we know of! We can SAVE him! We can show him LOVE!"

"Oh, for crying out... Ginny, we can't do that kind of time travel!"

"Oh..." Ginny said, sadly.

Good, Hermione thought. Now, maybe she could talk some sense into Ginny. Ah, Luna was about to say something. She'd know what to say.

"There's the Room of Requirement", Luna suggested. "It provides us what we need, you know."

Ginny brightened, again.

"Luna, I LOVE you!" She ran over and kissed Luna. And kept kissing her. Hermione couldn't help but notice there were tongues involved.

Ron asked, "You get the feeling they've done this, before?"


Will Hermione and Ron be able to prevent Ginny and Luna from further efforts to make Harry happy? What else does Harry want? Will Luna get another song quote in?
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